Why These Puppies?

If you're not already familiar with the incredible even-temperment of Goldendoodles, just imagine the family-friendliness of a Golden Retriever, yet a much smaller hypoallergenic dog (like a Poodle), with little to no shedding that is easier all around to have indoors.

This particular litter is classified as F1b, which is an F1-backcross Goldendoodle. This litter is the result of a pure-bred Goldendoodle and a pure-bred Poodle. The result is a liter of puppies with the same hypoallergenic qualities as a purebred Poodle.

Delivered to My Door?

That's right. We understand it's hard to find quality Goldendoodle pupies, especially F1b specialty puppies like these. So, whether you're searching for Goldendoodles in Washington or Florida--we are glad to arrange for safe, high-quality shipping direct to your door.